Monday, September 14, 2009

day 3 with the Path

Got onboard for day 3, 15 mins, 0.53 miles, 136 cals. I really like this machine. Added the Buckpet's "Living is the Biggest Thing", Mooney Suzuki's "Alive and Amplified" and Ned's Atomic Dustbin "All I Ask of Myself..." to the playlist, and lost the Adam Lambert and the Hombres.

I'm dealing with the scale numbers now. I was 449.5 last Tuesday, but a few days of birthday celebrations finishing up with a great meal at Bazaar left me at 456 yesterday and today, despite getting back on the horse on Saturday. It's a little disheartening when then numbers were really with me up til now. Not much I can do except work my meal plan and exercise, and wait for the numbers to catch up. I hope they do.

1 comment:

  1. I am so hoping you keep posting! It's such an affirmation for me that the struggle is actually less about food and more about the daily vigilance that keeps us going on our path. Accountability counts for something in the addict mind.